Welcome to my page. My name is Keith. aka Cr4zyK31Th.

Why do I stream?? Well few years ago I had a Cardiac arrest and brain haemorrhages that sadly left me with some memory issues and blackouts. It also damaged my pituitary gland, so I no longer produce many life-giving hormones, so I must take a lot of them in medication to keep my organs working. I also diagnosed with Avoidance/Anxious Personality Disorder. This meant that I can no longer work, so I sat watching other people playing games on YouTube and one person I was following encouraged me to play and to stream, so that is how I started.

I streamed on YouTube for 2 years but found there was a lot of toxic people in there and I started to lose my enthusiasm to stream.

I was introduced to a new streaming platform called DLive and I found that the community there was very caring and supportive, so I moved over there and have been there now for over 10 months and I still love streaming there. I love to support my fellow streamers as much as I can and have grown in the platform. I gained my Verified Partner badge and this year became of only 1000 people to get the Founding Lino badge.

I have been playing games for a long time and even remember the first video games.

I have three grown up daughters.